About Us

I understand how busy life gets, and how valuable your time is.

I offer flexible scheduling and give a call before I come over. When you call for service you speak directly with me, not some annoying answering service or call center located half way across the country.You can contact me via:

Phone (802)-356-0656, email or text.

I began refrigeration repair out of necessity. As a dairy farmer in Central Vermont, I started out repairing bulk refrigeration tanks of my own and on neighboring farms. I sold my Jersey herd in 1987, when I realized that the refrigeration repair business kept me busy full time. 

I work on home refrigeration, store coolers and air conditioning and boats and yachts. . (see our Client List), and we’ve relocated to Burlington, Vermont and look forward to serving you.

  • Service with a smile - I have years of experience in AC repair and customer service.
  • Flexible scheduling -We offer 2 to 3 hour windows and call before we come so you don't have to be stuck waiting at home.

Burlington Refrigeration (802) 356-0656 or Email