Welcome to the Burlington Refrigeration service information page. Our goal is to provide you with great local service and repair of your refrigerator, freezer or air conditioning. Filtration and cleanroom testing.

Common Problems we see:

    • Refrigerator isn't cold
    • Refrigerator is noisy
    • Refrigerator is leaking
    • No ice
    • No water
    • Freezer isn't cold
    • Freezer is frosted up
    • Freezer is noisy
    • A/C doesn’t cool
    • A/C is noisy
    • Condenser/filters blocked

For more information or to schedule a service call, please contact us either via email or  call or TEXT us at (802) 356-0656

A Service call is $90.-$150, pricing is based on service call + parts + labor + trip charge outside of the city of Burlington. Personal check, cash or credit card accepted at time of service.

We look forward to serving you.         

Burlington Refrigeration (802) 356-0656 or Email